Welcome to the Central Jersey Orchid Society

The Central Jersey Orchid Society (CJOS) welcomes everyone who has an interest in orchids. We share information on orchid growing, feature monthly speakers, and an exciting monthly show table. Our members range from novices to professional growers with one aim -- to share their enjoyment of orchids. Monthly meetings regularly feature slide presentations on orchid culture, and an orchid raffle.
Each monthly meeting also features a spectacular Show Table - members are encouraged to bring in their blooming plants for display.

Our special activities include an Orchid Auction, Orchid raffles, and our annual potting party. Each year CJOS members are also invited to participate in our Spring Picnic and December Holiday Party.

We meet the first Wednesday of the month (except July, August) at 7:30 p.m. Come to a meeting to learn and enjoy. Visitors are always welcome

For more information, please email us at Orchids@centraljerseyorchids.org

Random Thoughts About Repotting by David Rosenfeld

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1. Should you soak bark before repotting? Ideally you should soak the bark overnight.This starts the wetting process so the bark holds more water. Also tiny components will settle out to the bottom of the bucket. I have too many plants and do not worry about presoaking. I just water the recently repotted plants more often until I feel the bark is holding an adequate amount of water.

2. Best time to repot is when the orchid is in active growth. Ideally when you see new roots just emerging.



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