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2020 Philadelphia Flower Show (Riviera Holiday)

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

2020 Philadelphia Flower Show (Riviera Holiday)

When: Saturday, February 29th 2020 - Sunday, March 8th 2020 (*See website for details on times)

Where: Pennsylvania Convention Center

1101 Arch St.

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Cost: $35 for Adults (*Advanced tickets until 01/14/2020); $42 for Adults after 01/14/2020 [*See website for additional details on ticket purchases]

Details: We’re always looking for volunteers and exhibitors. Volunteers get free admission to the show, but you have to get an early start. To volunteer, go to Create an account if you need to, then select the date/time/activity for you. The orchids group needs passers, recorders (training will be on-line and/or in-person), judging clerks, and waterers. Volunteers are needed on February 28 & 29, as well as every day of the show. On February 28, you can see the show being built – sometimes even dodging the forklift trucks. On February 29, you can “preview” the show before it opens to the general public.

Exhibitors get full access to the show on any day they exhibit. This year, security is even tighter, and it may not be possible to gain entry to the show area without exhibitor credentials. So Preregister your plants at, and you will receive exhibitor access buttons/tickets in the mail before the show. Create an account if you need to. Registration closes on January 31. Register for every possible class for which you might have an entry. For orchids, you need not specify the name of the plant until you bring it to the show; or you can sign in anytime until Sunday, February 16 to delete entries and/or add or change plant names. There is no penalty if an exhibitor does not exhibit all the plants they have pre-entered. For more information on exhibiting, including the link to the show schedule, visit

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