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CJOS January 2024 Newsletter

Happy New Year 2024 Everyone!

Welcome to the CJOS January 2024 monthly blog post! We hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season and a fantastic start to the New Year 2024! It's now time to kick off the new year with lots of orchid shows (NJOS, DCOS, SEPOS, etc...).

Many orchids begin to bloom now, as they have had a slight cooldown from summer and have most likely been through a slightly drier winter rest. This is personally one of my favorite times to grow orchids (less watering) and it is fun observing the plants just as they are about to start putting out new growths with the introduction of longer daylight per day. We hope to continue to grow CJOS as a fun and knowledgeable orchid society; We welcome all to join us monthly! Happy orchid growing and gardening!

Below are some pics of our awesome CJOS orchid display (Roz's Greenhouse) at the recent NJOS Show. We want to thank everyone from CJOS who was involved in all the hard work of arranging, setting up, maintaining, and breaking down the display! There were several types of awards garnered and the display brought joy to many people who were able to attend the show. Thank you!

CJOS Orchid Display (Roz's Greenhouse) - NJOS Show (01/2024)

*Friendly Reminders:

  • Upcoming Event (January 18, 2024): (Speaker) Carrie Buchman - 'Orchids with Tiny Flowers' (Speaker via Zoom)

  • If you are bringing a plant for the display table, you may now prepare and print your Plant ID tag via this 'Plant ID Cards Link'.

*Please take note there are a few new changes this year. For starters, our new meeting venue will be Trinity Church (33 Mercer St., Princeton, NJ 08540​, (USA)). The meeting time has also changed from 6:30pm to 7pm. All are welcome to attend a meeting; especially if it is your first time and introduction to CJOS. Grab a member and ask lots of questions about what CJOS is and how to join!

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