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CJOS March 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Happy March Everyone,

Welcome to the CJOS March 2023 monthly blog post! March has been off to a windy 💨start with a continuation of unseasonably warm☀️ weather for winter! The birds 🕊️ are migrating back north and there are subtle signs of green plant life🌱 emerging. The grass is turning slightly greener, some early blooming trees are beginning to show buds, and cold-growing flowers (like crocus and tulips) are beginning to display their beauty.

🌸 Spring is almost here! 🌸

Spring is just around the corner. 😀 The next upcoming show is SEPOS located in Oaks, PA (March 31 - April 02). If you have not attended this show, we highly recommend a visit. There will be many great vendors selling beautiful orchids/plants and amazing orchid displays by some local Orchid Societies. CJOS March 2023 Newsletter.

[ 2023 CJOS - DCOS Show Table ]

2023 CJOS - DCOS Show Table

*Friendly Reminders:

  • Upcoming Meeting: Ask the Experts | Topic: Q&A

  • If you are bringing a plant for the display table, you may now prepare and print your Plant ID tag via this 'Plant ID Cards Link'.

*Please take note there are a few new changes this year. For starters, our new meeting venue will be Trinity Church (33 Mercer St., Princeton, NJ 08540​, (USA)). The meeting time has also changed from 6:30pm to 7pm. All are welcome to attend a meeting; especially if it is your first time and introduction to CJOS. Grab a member and ask lots of questions about what CJOS is and how to join!

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