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2020 CJOS (NJOS) Orchid Exhibit

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The 2020 CJOS (NJOS) Orchid Exhibit was on display the weekend of January 17-19th. The setup was amazing and it won a '1st Place' at the show (2nd-year in a row)!

I want to thank all the members that helped setup and teardown this orchid exhibit, as it requires great attention and coordination between multiple people to make it happen! A special thanks to Anne Skalka for dedicating extra time and taking the lead on this exhibit!

*** CJOS Awards ***

(Blue 1st Place; Red 2nd Place; White 3rd Place)


  • Blue Ribbon - CJOS Exhibit

[L. Arico]

  • Red Ribbon - Alcra. Clownish 'Cotton Candy'

[Y. Brona]

  • Blue Ribbon - Den. Spring Dream

  • Red Ribbon - Den. Spring Bird Kurashiki AM/AOS

[J. Byron]

  • Red Ribbon - Paph. prinulinum v. alba; Paph. venustum v. alba

[E. Frankel]

  • Blue Ribbon - Den. Warawit Red

[G. Guzikowski]

  • Red Ribbon - Den. Silver King; V. Steve Barnes

[R. Jolley]

  • White Ribbon - Phrag. besseae

[D. Rosenfeld]

  • Best of the Blues - Dendrobium Green Flash 'Green With Envy' CCM/AOS

  • Janet Howe Memorial Trophy: Best Dendrobium - Dendrobium Green Flash 'Green With Envy' CCM/AOS

  • Blue Ribbon - Dendrobium Green Flash 'Green With Envy' CCM/AOS

  • Red Ribbon - Bdm. Thai Nakhon Nayok (Oncsa. Sarcatum x Brs. verrucosa)

  • White Ribbon - Lc. Miss Wonderful (C. Mari's Song x L. anceps)

[J. Santiago]

  • Blue Ribbon - Laelia anceps; Rth. Paxton Brooks 'Miami' x C. Newberry Promise

[J. Thomas]

  • Blue Ribbon - Lys. Red Jewel; Vanda luzonica

  • Red Ribbon - Vanda Pat's Delight

[J. Tryon]

  • Red Ribbon - C. Circle of Life 'Mesmerize'

  • White Ribbon - Bpl. Golden Peacock 'Orange'

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