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CJOS April 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Happy April everyone! Here is Ed's April 2022 CJOS Newsletter.

Spring is here and progressing in a beautiful way! We hope everyone is getting excited about warmer weather and growing plants (orchids) outdoors. Please use caution, as it is still not warm enough to put most orchids or other houseplants outside yet. Typically in NJ, just after Mother's Day is when the potential for a final frost has passed and minimum temperatures begin to moderate. Please check long-term forecasts (2+ weeks out) to determine if the minimum temperatures will stay above 48F°.

The May 2022 CJOS Meeting will be a Zoom Meeting only!

*April 2022 CJOS Meeting Scheduled Speaker: Sarah Hurdel - Home Grown Orchids (Under Lights)

The CJOS orchid auction will be held on September 17th (2022). You can donate orchids to CJOS via the link below. *More details to come over the next month.

As of October 2021, CJOS will now hold In-Person and virtual Zoom meetings on a monthly basis! This decision was voted on and decided by the majority of good-standing CJOS members and the CJOS Board. We respect those that may not feel comfortable meeting in person at this time; hence the dual virtual meeting option. Please check the website and your email regularly for continued CJOS updates and Zoom links! We hope everyone is staying safe during this continued COVID-19 Pandemic!

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