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CJOS May 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Happy May Everyone,

Welcome to the CJOS May 2023 monthly blog post! I'm sure May will be a busy month for most people - as it involves family events, outdoor gardening, and home projects. It is also becoming more seasonable (on average), and it should be warm enough to put most orchids outside (with nighttime lows above 55F°). Happy orchid growing and gardening!

Just a friendly reminder about the upcoming CJOS picnic in June. If you have not RSVP'd to the event, please do so via the invite sent by email. There is also a link to sign-up for the potluck dish of your choice (no duplicates please). This should be a fun time for everyone to reflect on accomplishments and enjoy some friendly time with other CJOS members.

🌸 Happy Spring 🌸

*Friendly Reminders:

  • Upcoming (May 2023) Meeting: Orchid Repot Event | Topic: TBD

  • If you are bringing a plant for the display table, you may now prepare and print your Plant ID tag via this 'Plant ID Cards Link'.

*Please take note there are a few new changes this year. For starters, our new meeting venue will be Trinity Church (33 Mercer St., Princeton, NJ 08540​, (USA)). The meeting time has also changed from 6:30pm to 7pm. All are welcome to attend a meeting; especially if it is your first time and introduction to CJOS. Grab a member and ask lots of questions about what CJOS is and how to join!

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